BVA Social Projects

Friends for Vietnamese Kids 

The BVA supports Vietnamese minority kids to go to school. Once per year, our socially-engaged BVA member goes to Vietnam to buy school equipment and supplies and offer these to the ones that need it the most.

You can sponsor the following items:

  • School bag 7€
  • Books and pencils/pens 10€
  • School uniform or new clothes 8€
  • Whole package 25€

You can transfer the money to the following account "Friends for Vietnamese Kids" BE09 0016 4065 4057. Don't forget to mention your name.

Project "Together with you to school" 

The project "With you to school" supports children from poor families (without father, mother, or both, or children who are themselves long-term ill and constantly need care) for a year. Every month the family receives 20€ directly into their account. The family has made an agreement with the BVA to spend the money first on all school-related costs so that the children can stay in school. What is then left of the money can be spent on their daily life. The funding from the project is a nice extra for the children and their families. At the moment, we support ten families.

School and Youth Union in Vietnam follow along with us. We will do an annual evaluation together and determine if it is still necessary for further support in the future.

Interested? Please send us an email at