Welcome to our new large enterprise member: DEEP C

On behalf of the whole BVA team, we thank the company DEEP C for joining our community and network. We wish them a lot of success for developing and expanding their activities in Vietnam with their logistics hub and Industrial Zone.

DEEP C was first established in 1997 in Haiphong City with the development of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ/DEEP C I). Since then, they have evolved to be one of the biggest industrial zone developers in Vietnam with a total of 5 industrial zones and +3000ha of land for lease.

With a presence of more than 20 years in Vietnam, DEEP C has an attractive offer of well-prepared industrial land which is connected with general infrastructures and reliable utilities. For small and medium sized enterprises, custom built factories are available.

DEEP C Industrial Zones was initiated with the collaboration between the Vietnamese local governments and a consortium of international investors lead by the Belgian company Rent-A-Port.

Strategic location

DEEP C Industrial Zones is located adjacent to the new Haiphong International Gateway Port (Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port), Cat Bi International Airport, and North Vietnam Coastal Expressway. At the very centre of North’s Vietnam infrastructure developments, we offer our tenants industrial land and ready-built warehouse, workshop for lease, integrated with reliable utilities provision and supporting services. Deep C provides you easy access to the large domestic market of the Red River Delta with more than 20 million people and from the new Haiphong International Container Terminal, you can easily reach the different consumer markets within ASEAN and you have direct connections to the consumer markets in Europe and the USA. Air cargo transportation is possible via the international airport of Haiphong and Hanoi.