Welcome to our new large enterprise member: BECAMEX IDC

On behalf of the whole BVA team, we thank the company BECAMEX IDC for joining our community and network. We wish them a lot of success for expanding their business and helping foreign companies to establish their activities in Vietnam.

BECAMEX IDC is a Vietnamese state-owned enterprise belong to the Binh Duong Province and listed on the stock exchange of Ho Chi Minh City, a multidisciplinary corporation and one of the leading players in the development of Vietnam’s industrial economic infrastructure. While respected locally for transforming the Binh Duong province in the South of Vietnam into an economic hub of entrepreneurship, the company emerged also as a modern and international corporate brand at the forefront of Vietnam’s Industry 4.0 and a creator of Smart City infrastructure and solutions to realize the Smart Community. Binh Duong Province was recognized as SMART COMMUNITY in 2019 by the Intelligent Community Forum.